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Airline merger blocked by federal government

Traveling by air is a fast and convenient means of transportation for both business and pleasure. Consumers typically shop around for deals to get a reasonable price for their trip, and many likely compare the different fares various airlines offer. Occasionally, in the interest of streamlining an operation and offering better service and routes to customers, two airlines may consider merging. However, there are times when the government may block such mergers.

LSU Agriculture Center and Agriculture College to merge

According the reports, the Louisiana State University Board approved a consolidation or merger of the LSU Agriculture Center and LSU Agriculture College. The LSU President stated that the negotiations and plan to merge the two had been going on for awhile. Prior to this deal, the Center and College were two separate entities for nearly forty years. Under the current merger, the Center and the College will be consolidated such that both will be under one administration.

FTC, Louisiana approves Pinnacle Entertainment merger

According to reports federal regulators with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) unanimously approved a plan for Pinnacle Entertainment to purchase Ameristar Casinos. The general mission of the FTC is to prevent or minimize business practices that are unfair to consumers, are anticompetitive or deceptive. FTC tries to accomplish this without overly burdening the progress of legitimate business transactions or activities.

Shareholders file suit over proposed cell company merger

Baton Rouge stock watchers may be interested to learn that shareholders of cellular service provider MetroPCS have filed suit to block its acquisition by its larger competitor T-Mobile USA. Even though the dust has barely settled on the announcement of the proposed merger, and regulatory approval is not anticipated until the early part of 2013, the shareholders have been quick to raise allegations of conflicts of interest among the smaller company's board of directors.

Louisiana pension funds succeed in merger lawsuit

Two Louisiana employee pension funds appear to have gotten their way in a shareholder derivative lawsuit related to the proposed sale of Medicaid insurer Amerigroup Corporation to managed care giant Wellpoint. Goldman Sachs negotiated the terms of the sale. The City of Monroe Employees Retirement System and the Louisiana Municipal Police Employees Retirement System commenced the business law action to challenge a perceived conflict of interest in the investment firm's advice to the board of the Medicaid insurer.

Employment lawsuit outlived most plaintiffs

Baton Rouge readers may be interested to learn that a federal court judge recently issued a ruling in an epic lawsuit that has dragged on beyond the life span of most of its original plaintiffs. The lawsuit may be one the most convoluted employment law cases on record, with more than 19,000 documents filed over a period of 43 years. Even though a U.S. district judge finally delivered a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, only two out of the original 32 people who sued remain alive to see their efforts vindicated.

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