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Eurochem plant in Louisiana not affected by Belarus dispute

Healthy business relationships and partnerships are critical not only for the success of individual businesses but also for a viable global economy. Louisiana residents who are involved in agribusiness may have heard about the recent collapse of the business partnership between the Republic of Belarus and potash producer Uralkali. The Russian fertilizer maker Eurochem maintains that the Belarus-Uralkali dispute, and the resulting drop in potash prices, has not affected it potash business and its planned potash mines were still a viable option.

LA fertilizer plant to get scrubber technology under contract

For many businesses, installation of efficient air pollution control equipment not only helps that business come in compliance with any existing regulations which may directly impact them, but also helps protect the environment. Such ventures can be a daunting task and require expertise in the field of engineering, and the knowledge base of those familiar with installation of air pollution controls.

Louisiana firm awarded contract to manage costal conservation

According to reports, CSRS, a Baton Rouge firm, was awarded a $1.2 million dollar, three year contract to manage the state of Mississippi's coastal conservation program. Presently, CSRS is also managing the Coastal Impact Assistance Program in Louisiana, and was highly recommended by Louisiana state employees. Under the contract, the Louisiana firm is expected to manage the State of Mississippi's CIAP.

Dow Chemical to expand operations in Louisiana

The expansion of business operations not only creates jobs and help churn the economy but also helps a business grow in a competitive market. Louisiana residents will find it interesting to learn the Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that Dow Chemical Company plans on investing over one billion dollars to build two new plants in Louisiana. Further, Dow plans on making improvement at its existing manufacturing facility already in Louisiana.

Louisiana-based company, Entergy, expected to reduce workforce

In order to streamline operations and improve efficiency, businesses sometimes have to make difficult decisions such as reducing their existing workforce. To make an informed decision as to what steps to take, most corporations evaluate the future needs of their company closely. Sometimes, however, the solutions and decisions that follow are tough ones.

Oil companies face lawsuit for damaging Louisiana wetlands

The balance between business and environmental interests is a delicate one. Before a company can drill or build and run pipelines under current law, they must apply for permits to do so. Provisions within permits require companies to pay for or perform environmental remediation in areas that ultimately are damaged due to drilling, cutting through wetlands to build pipelines and other similar activities.

Louisiana restaurant sued and may have to change name

Opening a restaurant is a huge endeavor. Signage and décor must be just right. A lot of time and expense is put into opening and running the business. Sometimes a restaurant is bought from a previous owner and a licensing agreement may be put in place outlining the name and décor. With a licensing agreement there can sometimes be a dispute which can lead to business litigation.

Billion dollar government contract open due to dispute

Government contracts can be very lucrative business agreements for a private company in Louisiana and across the United States. Many companies vie to get awarded a federal contract. Because of the nature of a federal contract, there is a lot competition and the process is sometimes difficult. When there is a dispute in the process things can become even more complex.

Louisiana school boards lose first round over retirement system

If employers stay in the business long enough and continue to employ people to run that business, employment litigation is likely to arise at some point. Employment law issues are a natural result of business but employers should understand that there are options other than winding up in a courtroom every time a claim is raised. Disagreements and other issues can be dealt with through settlement discussions, arbitration and even mediation. When the discussion process breaks down, that is when parties may find themselves in court.

First quarter business mergers lowest since 2003

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that the rate of business mergers and acquisitions to this point in year is the slowest it's been since 2003, according to a recent report from Thompson Reuters. Business law analysts still maintain that they believe this year's total merger rate will surpass last year's, but it appears that overall concern about the well-being of the US economy coupled with the ongoing economic crisis that is affecting Europe may be affecting the level of merger and acquisition activity.

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