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Louisiana company drops contract bid over litigation

Corporate contracts are often very complex. Sometimes general disputes over agreements can lead to litigation. The situation may get especially tricky for the parties when one of the corporations involved is facing a lawsuit over a contract dispute.

Construction project allegedly leaks harmful contaminants

New construction projects and infrastructure redevelopment often support growth in existing communities. In Louisiana and across the southern United States, construction projects can create new jobs, bring in new businesses, and revitalize struggling local economies. Such projects can also bring challenges to the communities adjacent to the development sites.

Louisiana pilot claims firing was age discrimination

A pilot of advanced years recently filed suit in federal court in New Orleans, seeking damages for wrongful termination. In what should make for an interesting employment law case, the 72-year-old pilot has raised claims under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act and seeks damages including lost wages, loss of reputation and emotional distress along with attorney fees and his costs of bringing the action.

Tough economy may bring challenges to Louisiana noncompete agreements

Employers and employees alike in the Baton Rouge area may want to consider taking the time now to seek a professional opinion as to the validity of their noncompete agreements. As one law professor points out, employment law cases involving noncompete agreements tend to increase during tough economic times as businesses have more to lose if agreements are not enforced and employees often stand to lose from enforcement of restrictions against future employment.

Online auction giant under fire over noncompete agreement

Baton Rouge readers may be interested to learn that internet auction giant eBay finds itself at the center of both state and federal lawsuits alleging that a reciprocal agreement with financial services software developer Intuit violates laws against anticompetitive business practices. The lawsuit centers on a mutual noncompete agreement between the two firms that would prohibit each company from hiring the other's employees.

Sec and investors sue Baton Rouge hedge fund

The federal courthouse in Baton Rouge may play host to a lawsuit filed by Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that a local hedge fund manager failed to disclose mortgage-backed securities losses to investors. The business litigation centers on claims that Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. defrauded investors by covering up more than $32 million in losses in the mortgage-backed fund and misrepresented a $19 million gain in a different investment fund.

Louisiana monks' casket business headed for high court review

The Louisiana Supreme Court will soon hear a case involving the efforts of a Catholic monastery to maintain supporting revenue. The case raises questions of business law centering on state regulation of casket sales.

East Baton Rouge construction contract stalled in bid dispute

The city-parish of East Baton Rouge says that software developer BidX should assume responsibility for an erroneous contract award that resulted from a glitch in the company's electronic project bidding software. The error resulted in the award of a project for the installation of street lights on Brightside Lane to Jack B. Harper Contractor, Inc. for $719,000. After the announcement of the project award, Diamond Electrical Company notified the city-parish that it had actually submitted a lower bid at $649,000.

Transparency issue leads to business litigation

Mardi Gras is part of Louisiana's culture. But the annual festivities rarely lead to business litigation. A recent dispute arose when some members of the Krewe of Bacchus became upset after membership dues increased. The dissenting members cited a general lack of transparency from the leaders of Bacchus.

Check Louisiana contractor credentials before signing a contract

Baton Rouge homeowners may want to take note of a new law, taking effect Aug. 1, that requires home-improvement contractors to obtain a Louisiana contractor's license before doing more than $1,500 worth of work on any project. The new law aims to protect homeowners from fly-by-night contractors whose shoddy work may lead to construction litigation or, in the worst-case scenario, leave disgruntled homeowners with nowhere to turn.

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