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What are the elements of a contractual agreement?

In order for a contract to be recognized as existing and valid by law, there are four elements that need to be met. The first requirement is that one of the parties to the contractual agreement has agreed to either perform or refrain from performing a specific action or actions in the future.

Louisiana Medicaid contract dispute results in extension

Louisiana residents should be interested to know that legislators have elected to extend Louisiana's current multimillion dollar Medicaid claims processing contract for an additional year. The vote on the extension was necessary when the governor effectively fired the company that was approved to take over the contract; thus, necessitating the need to find another company to continue the claims processing.

Resolving contract disputes through dispute resolution

Contractors understand that construction contract disputes sometimes require a proactive response to help all parties involved reach a speedy resolution. Typically, when construction professionals encounter legal disputes, they have the option to use dispute resolution techniques, such as facilitating direct negotiations between company executives, mediation and arbitration to resolve the issue. If everything fails there is always litigation.

Do you have questions about business law or government contracts?

Whether you are a business owner who is just starting out, an existing small business owner or a large corporation, more than likely in the course of your business operations you may be faced with a legal question which may require consultation with a business law firm. In today's dynamic business world contracts are an integral part of any business relationship, and may involve a business relationship with the government on a project. In some cases a business may also have to deal with government contractors and, depending on the nature of the project, this can get complex.

Governor and Superintendent reach impasse in contracting dispute

Disputes in the business and government world can arise anytime. Resolving disputes such as contract disputes between parties may require legal expertise. Louisiana residents may be familiar with the stalemate over the Common Core academic standards between the Governor and the superintendent. As talks between the Governor and Superintendent are at an impasse, both may explore legal options to resolve the dispute.

Contract approval suspended amid concerns around DOE contract

Louisiana residents may have already heard, and may find it interesting to learn that according to reports, recently the Office of Contractual Review (OCR) briefly suspended approval of a contract between the Department of Education (DOE) and a company called Data Recognition Corporations, which was expected to provide the DOE with consulting support services in the execution of the state's education assessment tools.

Subcontractor files breach of contract lawsuit

Louisiana residents may have heard reports about a subcontractor that is suing their general contractor for breach of contract. According to court documents, sometime between April and May of 2012 a cleaning and restoration company entered into a sub-contractual agreement with another company.

Dish Network service restored after contract deal reached

Louisiana residents who are TV aficionados can breathe a sigh of relief that portions of their Dish Network TV service has been restored after a 14 hour outage. The outage ended when Dish Network and Hearst Television were able to meet each other half way and come to terms with their latest agreement. Finalizing the agreement meant that 25 different markets, including New Orleans, that were receiving Hearst stations had those stations finally restored.

Bus system expected to run regardless of contract

Most people, at some point in their lives, have used public transit for work, school and more. In fact, according to reports, nearly 1.2 million people ride the bus annually. Thus, if bus service were to halt due to a contract dispute or failure to renew a contract, a large segment of the population which relies on the public transit for their daily activities could be adversely impacted.

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