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Baton Rouge police chief seeks to appeal termination

The future of the dispute surrounding the termination of Baton Rouge's former police chief may turn on whether or not he should properly be designated as a classified municipal employee. Dewayne White, who was fired on February 6, wants the opportunity to appeal his termination before the local Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board. The five-member board would have the authority to determine whether or not the chief should be reinstated to his position. However, city-parish officials have taken the position that Police Chief is an unclassified appointed position that is not entitled to appeal to the civil service board.

Baton Rouge court to hear suit over salt water well construction

Lawsuits related to building projects can arise in a number of different contexts. Sometimes issues arise while a project is underway, such as disputes over contract obligations or design specifications. Other challenges, such as construction defect complaints, may arise only after a project has been completed. Increasingly, with the proliferation of environmental, safety and zoning regulation over the past few decades, construction litigation may commence during the planning stages of a project.

Merger proposal triggers third Baton Rouge lawsuit

A recently filed investor lawsuit marks the third case filed this month in the Baton Rouge state court since last month's announcement of the proposed sale of Shaw Group, Inc. to Dutch oil and gas firm CB&I. In the latest round of business litigation, KBC Asset Management accuses Shaw's board of directors of breaching its fiduciary duty by accepting a merger deal that significantly undervalues the company and serves the best interests of the company's founder rather than the interests of shareholders.

East Baton Rouge highway plan headed for construction litigation

Tensions between city-parish officials and a group of East Baton Rouge homeowners continue to rise over plans for the development of a four-lane highway. In addition to complaints that the city-parish failed to adequately compensate homeowners for land appropriated under eminent domain authority, residents have raised concerns over construction plans. As the project moves ahead, two homeowners have joined over a dozen others in filing a lawsuit, and it appears likely that the city-parish will soon find itself embroiled in construction litigation.

Housing companies merge, Louisiana among target areas

Two large housing companies, Bailey Properties LLC and Summit Housing Partners LLC, are merging with the hopes of creating more residential communities in several southern areas, including Baton Rouge. Once the merger is complete, the company will be formally known as BSR Trust LLC.

Louisiana Attorney General's Office settles over harassment claim

Louisiana recently settled a lawsuit filed by a former investigator for the Attorney General's Office. The lawsuit claims the man was subject to harassment and wrongful termination after his wife filed discrimination charges against the same office in 2000. The more recent case involved allegations going back to 2005.

Company moves to Baton Rouge because of taxes and regulations

Recently, West Sanitation Services, Inc., decided to merge corporate and manufacturing operations, currently located in different states, and relocate to Baton Rouge. The company's corporate headquarters are now in California and its manufacturing operations are in Illinois. Business law experts believe the move is in the best interest of the company and will result in significant growth and profitability.

Library director resigns after payout request

A library director expecting to be fired recently withdrew his previous request for a payment to leave his position and resigned at a recent board meeting. Only days earlier, the former East Baton Rouge Parish Library Director had submitted a letter to the board, which described the director as a whistle-blower and demanded a payout of $2.3 million in exchange for a signed confidentiality agreement.

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