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Business litigation sparked by dispute over name

Louisiana businesses will inevitably rely on a name and the recognition of that name to help their bottom line. Often, success or failure goes beyond the simple reality of having a good product to sell, but in having a known name that customers trust and associate with getting what they want. However, there are instances in which the name of a building can result in business disputes, intellectual property disputes and other disagreements. It is in these circumstances that having an understanding of business law shows its true value.

Former employee faces accusations related to unfair competition

Business in Louisiana is tough. Success requires not just intuition, intelligence and knowhow, but also self-protection. There is a constantly looming threat that issues of unfair competition will arise. Often, this happens with former employees. Even if there was an agreement that there would not be direct competition, that frequently goes by the wayside when the former employee decides to start a competing business. This is when it is vital to understand how to move forward with business litigation with help from a law firm that is experienced in helping businesses protect their interests.

Business law and fraudulent misrepresentation

Louisiana businesses must be aware of the various pitfalls that they can face as they run their operations. Trusting others to behave within the law and follow through on agreements as they are laid out is a mistake that can be costly in the short and long-term. One issue that businesses must be cognizant of is fraudulent misrepresentation. When there is an agreement between parties, it should be done with a contract. Both parties are expected to act in good faith. However, if one says something that is false or misleading to get the other to agree to the contract and does harm, there could be the basis for a legal filing due to fraudulent misrepresentation.

Business litigation centers are chef and his namesake restaurant

In business in Louisiana and across the United States, there can be something of a domino effect. One thing will lead to another and result in business disputes, business litigation, arguments over naming rights and more. Frequently this will emanate from a totally separate issue, but that does not make it any less important. For those who are in the middle of a business dispute, it is imperative to be protected with legal advice from an attorney who is well-versed in all aspects of business law.

A confidentiality agreement is important in business law

Louisiana businesses that have products or ideas that they would like to protect but must share with others to move forward in their business goals should be aware of the need for a confidentiality agreement. Also referred to as a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), this is when a party agrees to keep details of a product or item secret while they are in business together. With this agreement, the individual will not have the ability to share this information later. When there is a confidentiality agreement dispute, it is imperative to have legal help to settle it as the future of the product and business often hinges on it.

Veterans can get help with business start-ups in new program

There are many different companies in Louisiana that do all they can to help our military veterans. Over the last several years many people throughout the country have become more aware of the issues that veterans face upon leaving military service, especially those who have served in combat overseas. That is why it can be uplifting and encouraging to see efforts to help these brave individuals.

The information about business law that your company needs

A company that is just getting off the ground will need to address several legal hurdles. But, after the business is off and running, sometimes the decision makers don't think about the possibility of further legal issues popping up. This can be a mistake, because most businesses in Louisiana will likely have ongoing legal needs in the course of operation.

Problems with wild animals leads to business dispute

For most companies in Louisiana, it is important to have the right space to conduct business. Retail locations, industrial parks and office space are just some examples of the needs that many companies face. And, when the space in question is provided by another business who then collects rent, there is likely an expectation in the agreement that the owner company will comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Unfortunately for one company in Louisiana, that wasn't the case. Business litigation is now the result.

Guiding you through business litigation matters

Whether you are just starting a business, making business reformations or taking steps to protect your business, the list of things to do never ends for business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere. Many people hope to rely on their company's or business's longevity for generations to come; therefore, owners and business executives must take careful consideration when dealing with any business law issues.

Nondisclosure agreements can prevent business disputes

Every day, entrepreneurs in Louisiana and elsewhere conduct research, make prototypes and place their new inventions in the marketplace. In some cases, these inventions can lead to lucrative contracts with other businesses who want to purchase or license them. However, the inventor should first take certain steps to protect their idea and prevent the theft or copying of their idea or invention.

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