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April 2018 Archives

Business litigation sparked by dispute over name

Louisiana businesses will inevitably rely on a name and the recognition of that name to help their bottom line. Often, success or failure goes beyond the simple reality of having a good product to sell, but in having a known name that customers trust and associate with getting what they want. However, there are instances in which the name of a building can result in business disputes, intellectual property disputes and other disagreements. It is in these circumstances that having an understanding of business law shows its true value.

Louisiana employment law and how age discrimination is viewed

Louisiana employers are always concerned that they will be confronted with allegations of violations of employment regulations. One common problem is when there is an assertion that discrimination played a role in an employee being dismissed or a prospective employee not being hired at all. This can cover a wide range or situations. One in which employers are simultaneously vulnerable and protected is in allegations of age discrimination. Understanding the law with age discrimination and when there are exceptions to it is a vital part of being able to protect from lawsuits.

Proposed law to change sexual harassment protocol falls short

With the number of sexual harassment claims that are coming up in Louisiana and across the U.S., it is important to understand the various laws that the state has implemented to deal with them. In some cases, workers are required to sign contracts as part of their terms of employment that any sexual harassment claim will be settled in arbitration rather than civil court. This is just one example of employment law that employers and employees must be aware of.

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