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Former Saints cheerleader says firing violated employment law

Running a business and overseeing employees in Louisiana can be a difficult matter. This is especially true today when greater attention is being paid to how employees are treated and claims of violations of employment regulations are prominent. Whether it is a small business that is not well-known, a larger business that is the subject of significant attention and anything in between, employment laws are vital not just for employees, but for employers too. While employees have the right to seek compensation if they have been mistreated at work, employers also have rights under employment law and should have legal help to ensure they are fully protected in every eventuality.

Understanding the critical basics of contracts

Businesses in Louisiana must understand contracts not just to provide the goods and services that are part of their area of expertise, but as a method to protect themselves from legal issues and allegations. Having a grasp of the basics regarding contracts is one of the most understated - and critical - parts of running a business. As always, any business must make certain it is protected under the law by having assistance from a law firm that is well-versed in helping companies and protecting them from allegations of breach of contract and other problems.

Allegations of construction defects requires strong defense

Companies that work in the construction industry in Louisiana will have a variety of demands placed upon them by their clients. This is true in the public and private sector. Many companies will do extensive work in both. Part of taking on these difficult projects is adhering to the desires of the client. If there are disputes regarding the work that was done or there is an issue with the construction and it is believed to be substandard or outright dangerous, then there is a chance that the will be construction litigation.

Louisiana politician denies sexual harassment allegations

People in the public eye in Louisiana and across the nation are often the target of accusations regarding their conduct. Sexual harassment, mistreatment, abusive behaviors and other violations of employment regulations are common. That, however, does not mean they are true. While employees are protected from this treatment under employment law, so too are the employers and those in supervisory positions. This is applicable for the public and private sector. Those who are accused of wrongdoing must make certain they protect themselves with help from a qualified attorney.

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