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December 2017 Archives

Two large companies seek to achieve business goals with merger

For Louisiana businesses of all sizes, benefit can be gained by considering mergers and acquisitions with other companies. There are multiple reasons to consider this option, but what is vital is to have all the important legal matters for such a decision organized. It does no good to have defined business goals if the attempted deal does not account for the inevitable regulatory issues. Having a law firm that is well-versed in all aspects of business in and out of the state is invaluable to getting things done and doing so in a timely fashion.

Protect from lawsuits with an experienced business law firm

In Louisiana and across the nation, it is impossible to ignore the growing number of allegations against individuals and companies that sexual harassment and other employment law violations have taken place. While these assertions should be taken very seriously and if the parties are found to have committed the acts they should be penalized for them, that does not eliminate a company's rights to formulate a defense against charges that are unfounded or unproven. This is especially true if there an absence of evidence or there are other issues at play.

Workers are not guaranteed reinstatement after FMLA

Employees in Louisiana who choose to exercise their right to take time off and have their job status protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are often uninformed about certain underlying laws that are part of FMLA. Employers have rights just as employees do, and it is essential to understand these lesser-known parts of the law. One is the limitations on an employee's right to being reinstated in the job.

Former deputy alleges various employment law violations

Given the current number of people in the news who are facing sexual harassment allegations these days, it is no surprise that many of these cases are resulting in legal filings. Employment law violations should be dealt with, but simply because accusations are made does not make them true. Just as an alleged victim deserves to have a chance to seek compensation in a legal case, the accused and an employer - in the public or private sector - also has the right to formulate a strong defense against the allegations.

Former school softball coach denies employment law violations

Allegations of violations of employment law and sexual harassment are taken very seriously in Louisiana with any job. Those who are alleged to have taken part in violations will invariably issue a denial and try to protect their jobs and reputations. However, employers must also protect themselves. This is particularly true when it is a school of higher learning that is embroiled in the situation. Any public entity that is dealing with employees having allegations of violating employment law must ensure they are protected by having a law firm that is experienced in helping with protecting their interests.

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