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Understanding breach of contract in Louisiana

Business contracts are the foundation of how things get done between one company and another or a company and an individual in Louisiana. It is unfortunate that not all contracts will go as planned and a contract dispute can arise. When there are issues between those who have agreed to a contract with each other, it is possible that a breach of contract will be alleged. Having legal help when this comes up is an integral part of a successful outcome.

Understanding employment law and the types of harassment

Accusations of harassment can do significant damage to a Louisiana business. This is true whether it is sexual harassment or any other form of harassment. Knowing the different types of harassment under the law is essential for the employer to formulate a defense. There are two kinds of unlawful harassment. They are "this for that" - also known as quid pro quo; and a hostile work environment form of harassment.

What are employer protections against undue hardship with ADA?

All Louisiana businesses are interested in adhering to the law and offering employment to anyone who is qualified to do the job. In general, following the Americans with Disabilities Act is not something that people must be compelled to do by threat of legal filing. But, there are times when the cost of the changes that must be made to accommodate a person who is disabled in any way can prove too costly to be viable. While there might be disagreement on this point by the employee or prospective employee, businesses also have protections under the ADA to shield them from undue hardship.

Employment law violations lodged against labor contractor

A company in Louisiana that is accused of wrongdoing when hiring workers can face a litany of problems defending itself. This is particularly problematic when there is a legal filing from the U.S. government. Companies have various policies when finding workers, and allegations are often inevitable. Regardless of the situation, these companies must make certain that they are protected under the law. Employers are accorded the same protections as workers under employment law. Understanding and exercising this right is vital to the maintenance and success of any business.

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