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Legal help with construction in Louisiana

Louisianans who choose to get into the construction business must understand the rough terrain they will face as the work on a construction project. Although most customers will be happy with a construction company's work, there will be inevitable complaints about certain aspects. It is not ideal to be facing construction litigation, but when it does arise, it is imperative to have legal help to guide the business owner through it.

There is a litany of issues that can arise during construction work. There can be disputes with delays in the completion of a project, an alleged defect in the structure, payments being withheld for services rendered, accusations of defective work, defective design, an unforeseen circumstance, claims for extra work that was done and unpaid for, a dispute over bidding, a mechanics' lien, problems with regulatory agencies, a termination of the agreement, and much more.

Frequently, a construction project is not just one company doing all the work without outside assistance. Subcontractors are needed, designers, equipment companies and suppliers, lenders, and governmental factions will be part of the project. A construction company that wins a bid for a large project will undoubtedly be pleased at the financial possibilities, but with that comes great responsibility and the likelihood that parts of the work will come under scrutiny and be complained about. Legal help is key with any project large or small.

When working construction as a builder, a contractor, a provider of equipment or in any other capacity, it is imperative to have legal assistance from start to finish. An attorney who understands all aspects of the construction industry is one of the first calls that should be made when moving forward with any project and especially when there is a construction dispute.

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