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June 2017 Archives

How do ADA violations occur in the workplace?

Employers throughout the country are sensitive to the potential for workplace lawsuits these days. There are both state and federal agencies whose sole mission is to investigate allegations of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. But, even for those employers who bend over backward to attempt to get into compliance with every applicable law, sometimes allegations of violations can still be brought. Violations based on the Americans with Disabilities Act can be especially tricky.

Amazon expands into new areas of retail with acquisition deal

Many of our readers in Louisiana probably saw the recent news that Amazon, a goliath of internet commerce, has reached a deal to acquire grocery chain Whole Foods Market for a whopping $13.7 billion. When this acquisition deal was announced, many economists and experts saw it as a bold push by Amazon into yet another sector of retail.

Veterans can get help with business start-ups in new program

There are many different companies in Louisiana that do all they can to help our military veterans. Over the last several years many people throughout the country have become more aware of the issues that veterans face upon leaving military service, especially those who have served in combat overseas. That is why it can be uplifting and encouraging to see efforts to help these brave individuals.

Woman pursues employment law options in claim for unpaid wages

Many employees in Louisiana may not know that there is a difference in overtime eligibility between salaried employees and employees who work on an hourly basis. In essence, under state and federal law, most employees who receive an annual salary instead of being paid at an hourly rate are not eligible to receive overtime pay from their employers. Hourly employees, on the other hand, typically will be owed "time and a half" for overtime hours.

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