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The information about business law that your company needs

A company that is just getting off the ground will need to address several legal hurdles. But, after the business is off and running, sometimes the decision makers don't think about the possibility of further legal issues popping up. This can be a mistake, because most businesses in Louisiana will likely have ongoing legal needs in the course of operation.

What is a material breach in a contract dispute?

Businesses in Louisiana enter into contracts in good faith - they don't expect a breach of the terms of the contract by either side. However, many contracts will include sections that address how potential issues of breach will be addressed, with many including clauses that call for arbitration instead of litigation. But, most cases will only proceed to this point if there is a material breach that is alleged to have occurred. What is a material breach?

Avoiding employment litigation based on an ADA violation claim

Although it can be immensely rewarding to own a business that provides jobs for many people, there is always the possibility that, no matter how good the relationship between employers and employees is, employment litigation could pop up for any given reason. Smart employers take steps to protect themselves from lawsuits, like learning how to avoid an employment law claim of an ADA violation.

Owner of commercial facility faces lawsuit after tragic accident

Most businesses in Louisiana take the appropriate steps to attempt to make sure that their liability under employment law is limited. Unfortunately, it is incredibly hard to prepare for the unexpected, like tragic accidents at a workplace facility. Two companies in Louisiana are facing this problem right now, as they are now defendants in a lawsuit that was filed in the aftermath of an explosion at a packaging facility.

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