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March 2017 Archives

Helping businesses in Baton Rouge address employment law issues

Businesses in Baton Rouge will always have different issues to address on a day-to-day basis, but employment law issues can be particularly tricky. First and foremost, if the issue is based on a lawsuit filed by a former employee, there can be some immediate concerns regarding bad press based on the allegations - even if they are ultimately unsubstantiated. After that, there is the task of mounting a defense in employment litigation.

Problems with wild animals leads to business dispute

For most companies in Louisiana, it is important to have the right space to conduct business. Retail locations, industrial parks and office space are just some examples of the needs that many companies face. And, when the space in question is provided by another business who then collects rent, there is likely an expectation in the agreement that the owner company will comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Unfortunately for one company in Louisiana, that wasn't the case. Business litigation is now the result.

Construction litigation can spawn from many different sources

Those in the construction industry in Louisiana know that there are often a wide variety of different people to please and keep track of on any given project. For developers, they have to deal with real estate issues. For contractors, deadlines are all-important, as is managing subcontractors. And for the workers involved, everything they do is part of the larger project - making each move important. With so many different parties involved in construction projects, it should be no surprise to our readers that litigation can pop up from many different sources.

Louisiana bank makes a move into Texas with acquisition

Acquiring another company can be a very beneficial move for a company that is looking to expand. These types of business law transactions can involve all kinds of businesses, from manufacturers to industrial companies to businesses in the financial sector. According to a recent report, a Louisiana financial company has decided to expand its operations into Texas with the acquisition of Waco-based Synergy Bank.

Helping your business navigate a merger

As a previous post highlighted, businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere tend to take on major business deals. And when these transactions are initiated, it is likely that business owners and executives have various concerns. When a merger or an acquisition is brought to the negotiation table, there are a multitude of decisions to be made before any papers are signed. Even after the ink has dried on the documents of a deal, it is possible to take steps to resolve ongoing issues or problems.

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