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February 2017 Archives

Reasons why mergers and acquisitions might fail

Businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere take on new business deal rather frequently. Whether it's a new client or a customer being serviced, most business transactions are rather routine. On the other hand, more complex types of business transactions involve mergers and acquisitions (M&A.) This type of transaction is often a major one, greatly impacting a business on multiple levels.

What is a wrongful discharge and what options do employees have?

Obtaining and maintaining substantial employment is important to residents in Louisiana and elsewhere. This not only generates financial security but also provides an individual with purpose and satisfaction. Thus, losing a job for unlawful grounds could greatly disrupt a person's livelihood and reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand the recourses available to an employee for wrongful termination.

Past president of Louisiana College brings employment suit

Dealing with disputes and issues in the work environment is not pleasant and certainly is not easy to deal with. Whether it has been a long-term employment or not, when allegations are being spread about an employee, it is possible that an employer could be held liable for any damages arising from the situation. Because of that, certain steps are taken by an employer to protect them from such a suit.

The types of construction defects that might harm a project

Being part of a construction project in Baton Rouge can be an eventful time. While many benefits can be experienced by the completion of a project, most construction projects are complex and have many details and working parts. Therefore, contractors and subcontractors have many obligations to uphold. In some cases, design deficiencies or defects might surface. While some of these might be minor, others may be material defects. When construction defects occur, this might be considered a breach of contract. Thus, parties to a construction contract should be aware of the common defects that can occur in a construction project.

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