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June 2016 Archives

The FMLA and possible employer liability claims

Employers in Louisiana and elsewhere have various concerns when it comes to their employees. While state and federal laws dictate that employers must meet certain terms and requirements for their employees, having an open dialogue about employee rights could help an employer avoid unnecessary disputes, even helping them avoid employment litigation or other related legal issues.

What copyright and how does it protect intellectual property?

For some small business owners in Louisiana, the purpose of his or her company is to sell or distribute the work he or she created. The success of their company relies on the continual production or use of their work; therefore, it is essential for a business owner to take certain steps to protect this work. With regards to intellectual property, this means establishing copyright protection.

Louisiana Senate passes bills to settle dispute with firefighters

When small businesses and large companies in Louisiana and elsewhere hire new employees or renew employment with current workers, employers have to take specific steps to protect the rights and interests of both the employer and the employees. Employment contracts provide not only the terms of employment but also certain stipulations for benefits and even termination. Thus, if an employer does not offer an adequate employment contract or one of the parties fails to uphold the conditions of the agreement, it is likely an employment dispute will emerge.

Employer liability for sexual harassment by a supervisor

Business owners and managers in Louisiana and elsewhere often deal with the complaints and concerns of their employees. While this is frequently a part of the normal course of business, other situations involve more pressing matters. When employees believe that they might be a victim of sexual harassment by a supervisor, this does not only potentially place liability on the supervisor named but could also result in employer liability as well.

Examining the basics of reverse mergers

As a previous post suggested, going through a business merger or acquisition can be a complex business transaction. Although it is multifaceted, mergers & acquisitions or M&A, can be a very beneficial and lucrative process for a company in Louisiana and elsewhere. Nonetheless, this process is usually carried out by a public company or among several public companies.

Helping businesses determine if a merger is the right move

Once a small business or company is established, there are several major events that could greatly impact the life of that business. One of those events is a merger & acquisition or M&A. When a business decides to merge with another business or acquire another business, this action not only effects the overall functioning of the business, but also impacts the many stakeholders involved. Shareholders, directors, managers, employees and customers could all feel the effects of a merger or an acquisition. Therefore, these processes should be carefully and intelligently entered into.

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