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Using ADR to resolve contract disputes

While it would be ideal if agreements would be carried out without any issues, businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere understand that this unfortunately is not a reality in the world of business. Though issues and disputes regarding the terms and conditions of business contracts do arise in the normal course of business, there are ways contract disputes can be addressed, helping companies resolve these problems in a timely and effective manner.

How can businesses avoid wrongful termination claims?

There comes a point when businesses of all sizes need to hire new employees. While this is a normal course of business, companies in Louisiana and elsewhere also need to deal with the possibility of having to fire an employee. Although this is not an ideal task, some situations arise when it becomes necessary. Whether it is due to downsizing, poor performance, violations of company standards or other similar instances, business owners have the right to terminate the employment of their employees if a situation presents itself. Nonetheless, even if an employer rightfully terminated an employee, an employee might still exert wrongful termination.

Helping businesses navigate employment liability matters

While it is common for legal issues to present themselves in the normal course of business, business owners in Louisiana or elsewhere might encounter more pressing internal legal issues. Because employees are the backbone of a company, it is essential to properly and timely address any disputes or concerns that might arise. This not only helps diffuse these problems but also helps the overall function of the business.

Resolving construction contract disputes

Whether people are hiring a company to build a home, a commercial building or to do a remodel project, it is important to have the proper paperwork to memorialize the construction agreement. Individuals and businesses in Louisiana will enter into a contract with a construction company or contractor to help protect and enforce the agreement. However, it is important to consider the terms and information included in a construction contract, when it comes to avoiding construction contract disputes.

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