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What terms should be included in an employment contract?

Companies in Louisiana need to take certain steps when hiring employees. Once a proper candidate is hired for a position, the appropriate paperwork needs to be filled out and the necessary documents need to be signed. While many employer-employee relationships include implied agreements, some positions lead to parties negotiating terms. Because of that, it is important to consider all the terms agreed to in an employment contract.

Lord & Taylor charged with deceptive advertising claim

As previously discussed, deceptive trade practices can lead to companies dealing with business litigation. Regulations are set to ensure that businesses follow certain guidelines when it comes to consumers purchasing or using their products or services. If it is believed that a company is misleading or luring consumers through false advertisement, this can result in a deceptive advertising practice claim.

Understanding deceptive trade practices

Businesses in Louisiana dedicate much time and effort into marketing, advertising and selling their products or services. Therefore, when claims are made against a business regarding their business practices, businesses often take these accusations seriously. Such business disputes can not only harm the reputation of the company, but can also result in the business facing serious penalties if the claims are proven.

What is key in financing a small business acquisition?

A merger and acquisition is considered a very lucrative process that can be very beneficial to all parties involved in the transaction. While most people in Louisiana and elsewhere might think that an acquisition is only for large and successful businesses with a large amount of capital, it is important to understand that any business -- no matter the size -- has the capability of acquiring another business. With the right business plan and financing in place, even a small business can successfully complete an acquisition of another business.

We are committed to resolving Louisiana construction disputes

When a construction project is designed, planned or initiated, those that are part of the project expect that it will go as plan. While this is an ideal situation, it is very common that some obstacles will be encountered. In some cases, these issues can be resolved immediately and fairly easily; however, this is not always the case. Some issues might result in major delays and could be difficult to resolve without coming to new agreements. Construction law issues can get rather complex, and because of that, parties to a construction project might have to go through construction litigation to settle any disputes that arise.

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