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January 2013 Archives

Restaurants duel over chef's noncompete agreement

Baton Rouge readers who have followed previous discussions about the broad and growing application of noncompete agreements in various trades and professions may take interest in a story that has two restaurants squared off over a popular local chef. The parties' differing viewpoints illustrate some of the reasons why drafting and enforcing noncompete agreements can sometimes present one of the most challenging aspects of employment law.

Baton Rouge court to hear suit over salt water well construction

Lawsuits related to building projects can arise in a number of different contexts. Sometimes issues arise while a project is underway, such as disputes over contract obligations or design specifications. Other challenges, such as construction defect complaints, may arise only after a project has been completed. Increasingly, with the proliferation of environmental, safety and zoning regulation over the past few decades, construction litigation may commence during the planning stages of a project.

Drywall safety law passes on Louisiana senator's amendments

Baton Rouge readers may be interested to learn that a bill intended to address toxic drywall issues received overwhelming congressional approval and is headed to the president's desk for signing. According to Louisiana senator David Vitter, who sponsored a Senate amendment that cleared the way for the bill's passage through Congress, the legislation would prohibit the future sale of unsafe drywall and identify existing toxic drywall stock to ensure that it will not be used in any future construction projects.

Louisiana pilot claims firing was age discrimination

A pilot of advanced years recently filed suit in federal court in New Orleans, seeking damages for wrongful termination. In what should make for an interesting employment law case, the 72-year-old pilot has raised claims under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act and seeks damages including lost wages, loss of reputation and emotional distress along with attorney fees and his costs of bringing the action.

Baton Rouge company in the mix in nuclear plant dispute

A Baton Rouge company finds itself among a consortium of project partners entangled in disputes over delays in the completion of the first new nuclear reactor to be licensed in the U.S. in some 30 years. The construction litigation centers on claims of unsatisfactory performance by the construction partners that may delay completion of the project by two to four years.

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