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September 2012 Archives

Louisiana mining company and union both violated labor laws

The National Labor Relations Board recently handed down a ruling finding fault on both sides of a contract dispute between union workers and a Louisiana mining company. NLRB investigates and adjudicates employment law complaints involving organized employee activities. In this case, NLRB investigated the conduct of striking workers as well as the employer's contract negotiation tactics.

Employment lawsuit outlived most plaintiffs

Baton Rouge readers may be interested to learn that a federal court judge recently issued a ruling in an epic lawsuit that has dragged on beyond the life span of most of its original plaintiffs. The lawsuit may be one the most convoluted employment law cases on record, with more than 19,000 documents filed over a period of 43 years. Even though a U.S. district judge finally delivered a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs, only two out of the original 32 people who sued remain alive to see their efforts vindicated.

Louisiana investors seek returns from massive Ponzi scheme

Nine Louisiana investors recently filed suit in federal court leveling allegations of fraud against ZeekRewards.com, parent company Rex Ventures, LLC and the companies' owner, Paul Burks. The business litigation follows a federal seizure of company assets in what the Securities and Exchange Commission described as a massive ponzi scheme.

Non-compete agreement may shield confidential company information

Baton Rouge area business owners may take interest in a recently filed lawsuit between a benefit plan administration and consulting firm and a former employee. The case illustrates important aspects of employment law that every business should consider in its relationship with employees. Although the outcome of the case remains to be seen, the situation faced by the consulting firm may strike a familiar note with many Louisiana employers.

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