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Steve Harvey sued for breach of contract

Individuals and companies in Louisiana and elsewhere enter into business agreements for various reasons; however, these agreements will usually benefit both parties. However, when a party fails to uphold their terms of the agreement, this could put the other party at a disadvantage or cause them to suffer damages. When there is a breach of contract, a dispute regarding contract terms usually arises, seeking to penalize the breaching party.

According to recent reports, comedian and current host of the television show "Family Feud," Steve Harvey, was sued in federal court for breach of contract. Preliminary reports claim that Harvey breached a contract with Business Aircraft Leasing Inc. when he failed to meet the terms of his lease agreement.

Resolving real estate transaction disputes

Louisiana residents commonly enter into contracts involving real estate. And while these are one of the most common legal transactions performed nationwide, they can also easily become one of the most complex that an individual could enter into. While these contracts can appear straightforward, issues often present themselves, leading to a contract dispute.

When a contract dispute emerges in a real estate contract, it is important to understand how to address these disputes. In most matters, parties to the agreement seek to enforce the terms of the contract; therefore, those seeking to enforce a real estate contract should understand how to address these disputes so the original contract could remain in effect.

What is a breach of contract and how can it be remedied?

Unfortunately, the business world is not a perfect place and many obstacles are encountered. While many businesses in Louisiana are aware of this situation, it is possible to reduce the negative impact common business pitfalls cause. With regards to business contract issues, there are methods to remedy or resolve contract disputes.

What is a breach of contract? In the business world, a contract, when entered into, creates certain obligations between the parties of that contract. However, when a party fails to fulfill their end of the bargain, this is considered a breach.

Helping Louisiana address construction litigation issues

Working on a major or large construction project is already considered a complex situation. So when issues arise, this often leads to very challenging and even problematic matters. This often delays the project, which could lead to additional costs for many parties involved. Because of that, when legal disputes are present in a construction project, it is important to timely handle these problems so the project can be completed. Avoiding additional costs and lengthy delays are imperative, and those impacted by disputes in the construction industry should be aware of their rights and options.

Our law firm has over 20 years of experience, and our skilled attorneys have represented a wide range of Louisiana clients, helping them navigate their construction litigation issues. Construction issues, defects at a project site or contract disputes could affect several parties involved in the project. Whether you are a contractor, project owner, subcontractor, design professional, equipment supplier or any other interested party, you might have claims such as withheld payments, defective work, lien claims, delay claims, design defects or claims for additional work.

Five most common causes of construction disputes

No matter the size of the construction project, issues and challenges could occur. Whether it is a delay, defects in design or materials, changes in conditions, issues with payments or other similar issues, many of these problems can turn into very complex and challenging issues that could compromise the entire project. Because of that, project owners, contractors, sub-contractors, design professionals, equipment suppliers and construction lenders should understand their rights when a construction dispute or problem arises.

After noting the recent trend of decreasing costs associated with construction disputes in 2015, a recent study considered the five most common construction disputes during the fiscal year of 2014. The number one cause for construction disputes in 2014 was errors or omissions in the contract, while the number two slot was differing site conditions.

Complex construction disputes require a careful understanding

Construction litigation can be especially complex in the world of litigation. Construction contracts, projects and disputes can present a number of unique challenges. One aspect of the inherent complexity contained in construction contracts, projects and disputes is that a number of different parties may be involved, including project owners, construction lenders, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors and equipment and materials suppliers.

There are different types of disputes that may arise associated with construction contracts and projects. Construction defects can include defective work, defective design or structural defects claims. Non-conforming work may be an additional area of concern. Claims for additional work, unforeseen and changed conditions or withheld payments may also lead to disputes and additional disputes may additionally concern delay and lien claims. In addition, defective bid claims, regulatory concerns and termination disputes may arise, among other types of disputes that may arise

Breach of contract lawsuit filed in Louisiana against contractor

Parties to a contract have rights to be aware of when a contract has been breached. A breach of contract lawsuit was recently filed in Louisiana by an insurer against a building contractor. The insurer for a condominium association has brought a lawsuit for breach of contract against a contractor, asserting that the roof replacement performed by the contractor was faulty. The insurer asserts that the contractor was negligent in its replacement of condominium roofs.

The breach of contract claim brought by the insurer seeks compensation for rainwater damages caused by the allegedly faulty roof replacement. The insurer notes in the lawsuit that rainwater entered into one or more of the condominium units, causing significant damages. The insurer asserts that the rainwater entered into the condominiums through an area of the roof being replaced by the contractor.

An end to the era of patent lawsuits in the tech industry?

For years, while the giant tech companies of the world have been growing in importance in all of our lives, behind the scenes they have been locked in legal battles with each other. Many, if not all, Louisiana residents rely upon devices, software or websites bearing names like Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft. In recent years, all of these companies have been at odds with each other in high-stakes intellectual property disputes. However, there are signs that this era of business litigation may be coming to a close.

Recently, Google and Microsoft announced that they had resolved more than 20 pending lawsuits in the United States and overseas claiming patent infringement in Android smart phones and Xbox video game technology. The disputes dated back to 2010, and involved claims that the companies owed each other billions of dollars in royalties.

Preventing religious discrimination in Louisiana workplaces

The American workplace is becoming religiously diverse as never before. Diversity and inclusion have become important aspect in today workplace. Thus, it is important for Louisiana employers to understand how they can prevent discrimination based on religion in their place of employment, and treat employees fairly and equitable.

One method that can help guard employers and hiring managers from intentionally or unintentionally behaving in a discriminatory manner with respect to evaluating and hiring potential candidates for employment is to establish objective criteria that any potential hire should meet to be eligible for employment. The criteria must be written in a clear and concise manner and must be adhered to anytime a potential hire is evaluated.

City of New Orleans embroiled in dispute with firefighters

Our Louisiana residents may be aware that the mayor of the city of New Orleans has been embroiled in a dispute between the city and its firefighters. The city has been involved in a legal battle with the firefighters union ever since it failed to pay back pay it owes to over 1100 firefighters, who are mostly retired, with a little less than 400 who are active and currently still on the government's payroll.

The dispute between the firefighter's union and the failure of the city to pay them resulted in a lower court issuing an order that would have placed the mayor of New Orleans under house arrest. However, the Louisiana Supreme Court recently granted a stay.

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