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Problems with wild animals leads to business dispute

For most companies in Louisiana, it is important to have the right space to conduct business. Retail locations, industrial parks and office space are just some examples of the needs that many companies face. And, when the space in question is provided by another business who then collects rent, there is likely an expectation in the agreement that the owner company will comply with the terms of the rental agreement. Unfortunately for one company in Louisiana, that wasn't the case. Business litigation is now the result.

A recent report details how Trainque Group LLC, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, is suing Johnson Storage & Moving Co. LLC for breach of contract. How did the defendant breach the contract? According to documentation, the plaintiff claims that wild animals were partly to blame and the defendant's failure to take care of the issue was the other part.

Construction litigation can spawn from many different sources

Those in the construction industry in Louisiana know that there are often a wide variety of different people to please and keep track of on any given project. For developers, they have to deal with real estate issues. For contractors, deadlines are all-important, as is managing subcontractors. And for the workers involved, everything they do is part of the larger project - making each move important. With so many different parties involved in construction projects, it should be no surprise to our readers that litigation can pop up from many different sources.

Unfortunately, construction law and litigation can be highly technical and complex. They last thing anyone in the construction industry wants is a lawsuit that might halt production, but there may be times when such legal action is necessary. Payment problems could be construed as a breach of contract. A defective design on a project could take the whole deal back to square-one - and someone would have to pay for such a major issue. There are many different issues that could result in construction litigation.

Louisiana bank makes a move into Texas with acquisition

Acquiring another company can be a very beneficial move for a company that is looking to expand. These types of business law transactions can involve all kinds of businesses, from manufacturers to industrial companies to businesses in the financial sector. According to a recent report, a Louisiana financial company has decided to expand its operations into Texas with the acquisition of Waco-based Synergy Bank.

The acquiring company is First Guaranty, a financial group with multiple locations near Baton Rouge. The Louisiana-based company reportedly has approximately $1.4 billion in assets. Synergy Bank reportedly has $153 million in assets. Expansion into the Texas market, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth part of the Texas market, is reportedly the primary reason behind the acquisition.

Helping your business navigate a merger

As a previous post highlighted, businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere tend to take on major business deals. And when these transactions are initiated, it is likely that business owners and executives have various concerns. When a merger or an acquisition is brought to the negotiation table, there are a multitude of decisions to be made before any papers are signed. Even after the ink has dried on the documents of a deal, it is possible to take steps to resolve ongoing issues or problems.

With over 45 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Dunlap Fiore, LLC, have the knowledge and skills to help businesses navigate an merger or acquisition and meet their business goals. Our legal team serves both local and national businesses in the Baton Rouge area, and it is our firm's goal to meet the needs and interests of each and every one of our clients.

Reasons why mergers and acquisitions might fail

Businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere take on new business deal rather frequently. Whether it's a new client or a customer being serviced, most business transactions are rather routine. On the other hand, more complex types of business transactions involve mergers and acquisitions (M&A.) This type of transaction is often a major one, greatly impacting a business on multiple levels.

Because it is considered a major business deal, an M&A has the possibility to fail. In fact, each year, many M&A's fail. While these could be for very diverse and specific reasons, this post will focus on the most common reasons a merger or acquisition might fail.

What is a wrongful discharge and what options do employees have?

Obtaining and maintaining substantial employment is important to residents in Louisiana and elsewhere. This not only generates financial security but also provides an individual with purpose and satisfaction. Thus, losing a job for unlawful grounds could greatly disrupt a person's livelihood and reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand the recourses available to an employee for wrongful termination.

What is considered wrongful discharge and what options do employees have? Even when an employee's employment is "at-will" this does not mean it can be terminated at any time for any reason. If an employee is fired for discriminatory or other illegal grounds, this could open up the possibility for a lawsuit.

Past president of Louisiana College brings employment suit

Dealing with disputes and issues in the work environment is not pleasant and certainly is not easy to deal with. Whether it has been a long-term employment or not, when allegations are being spread about an employee, it is possible that an employer could be held liable for any damages arising from the situation. Because of that, certain steps are taken by an employer to protect them from such a suit.

Currently, employment litigation is taking place among the past and current presidents of Louisiana College. According to recent reports, Joe Aguillard, who was the president of the school for nine years up until 2014, has filed a suit against the school and its current president, Rick Brewer, who took over after him.

The types of construction defects that might harm a project

Being part of a construction project in Baton Rouge can be an eventful time. While many benefits can be experienced by the completion of a project, most construction projects are complex and have many details and working parts. Therefore, contractors and subcontractors have many obligations to uphold. In some cases, design deficiencies or defects might surface. While some of these might be minor, others may be material defects. When construction defects occur, this might be considered a breach of contract. Thus, parties to a construction contract should be aware of the common defects that can occur in a construction project.

In some cases, the common defects that occur in a construction project are costly. These often include those that deal with structural integrity; expansive soil; mechanical and electrical components; water intrusion; thermal and moisture protection; finishes and components such as doors, windows and glass.

How can you resolve a construction dispute?

Starting a construction project is often a major event. Much planning and preparing goes into a construction project, whether it is a house, commercial building, business or a high-rise. However, even with the most carefully planned construction venture, issues could present themselves. There might be delays, wrong material could be used, there are defects present or the job is not completed in accordance to the contract. This could result is serious disputes that could greatly impact the project.

How can you resolve a construction dispute? While there is no one way to solve a construction dispute, there are certain ways to address the problems present, calculate the damages and determine a fair resolution. The first way, which is the least formal method, is through negotiation. The parties involved could come to the table, discuss the matter and eventually come to a mutual agreement that will meet the needs of everyone.

Guiding you through business litigation matters

Whether you are just starting a business, making business reformations or taking steps to protect your business, the list of things to do never ends for business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere. Many people hope to rely on their company's or business's longevity for generations to come; therefore, owners and business executives must take careful consideration when dealing with any business law issues.

At Dunlap Fiore, LLC, our experienced legal team has dealt with countless business law issues including those matters that require litigation. In addition, we have helped companies in the Baton Rouge area successfully navigate and even avoid potential legal problems. When it comes to drafting business agreements, going to the negotiation table or representing a business when a business dispute arises from relationships between other companies, our focus is on meeting the needs and goals of our clients.

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