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National Land Reality expands into Louisiana through merger

Businesses in Louisiana and elsewhere can make major decisions regarding the structure or governance of the business in order to benefit the company. One creative solution that could enhance the overall function and efficiency of a business is a merger and acquisition or M&A. This is a process where two companies are joined together to form a single business entity. Whether a larger company buys a smaller company, which is an acquisition, or a transaction is made to combine two separate businesses, which is a merger, there are several important considerations to make before completing a M&A.

According to report, National Land Reality recently announced that it would be expanding into Arkansas and Louisiana. National Land Reality, which is a full-service land brokerage company, will be merging with a brokerage that is run by Jeramy Stephens, in order to expand the company's footprint into Arkansas, Louisiana and the Memphis area.

Employment litigation and the Family and Medical Leave Act

There are many reasons why employees in Louisiana might seek to take off of work. Whether it is a personal day or a sick day, employees are afforded a certain amount of days a year to miss work. In some cases, an employee might seek an extended amount of time off; however, in order to do this, the person must be eligible to do so. Therefore, if an employer finds that an employee is not currently eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act, the employer might not approve the employees missed work.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take un-paid, job-protected leave that is related to specific family and medical reasons. If an employee is eligible for the FMLA, the person's group health insurance coverage would continue under the same terms and conditions as if the employee did not take a leave.

When should businesses use a nondisclosure agreement?

In the normal course of business, Louisiana companies might conduct business that could reveal confidential or secret information about their company. While this might be necessary to conduct certain business, when an employee or a party to a business transaction has this information, a company might have some concerns regarding this information. In order to address this concern, companies will enter into agreements to protect their interests and confidentiality.

When should businesses use a nondisclosure agreement? A confidentiality agreement or a nondisclosure agreement might be a necessary contract to enter into if an employee or another business has privileged information regarding the company. The nondisclosure agreement creates a contract between the parties, resulting in the promise to protect the confidentiality of the information disclosed to the employee or business.

Helping Louisiana businesses through business litigation

Starting and operating a business can be a rather complex process. It requires a lot of planning and having many working pieces functioning properly at the same time. Even for those companies and small businesses in Louisiana with an extensive business plan, business law issues can occur at any time. This requires due diligence and a timely resolution in order to keep the business going and moving forward.

At Dunlap Flore, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with business litigation issues. With over 45 years of experience, our law firm has successfully helped businesses in the Baton Rouge area deal with various business law issues and disputes.

Making a business merger work and add value

Today, businesses in Baton Rouge and other cities across the nation make major decisions to not only improve the business itself but also make it more profitable. For some companies, the best way to achieve that is through a business merger. However, there are many risks to consider when entering into a joint venture.

When two businesses decide to merge, many questions will surface, such as the type of partnership or business combination that will exist, how it will be managed over time, what will the profits look like from this venture and what investments will be made. While these are important questions to consider and answer, before terms are agreed to and an agreement is signed, it is important that the parties to the merger make sure their interests are known and protected.

How can parties limit construction disputes?

Entering into an agreement for a construction project is considered an exciting time for both parties to the agreement. One party will have a home, business, building, roadway or similar projects constructed and the other party will be compensated for the work being completed. Both parties have much to gain in a properly executed construction contract; however, flaws in the project could occur, which could lead to construction disputes.

How can parties limit construction disputes? Parties to a construction contract in Louisiana and elsewhere should consider taking five major steps when initiating a construction project. This not only promotes a successful and timely completion of the project but also helps reduce the complications and disputes that could occur in the process.

Avoiding an employer liability claim from an office party

Even though the holidays have come to an end, this does not put an end to office parties in Louisiana and other states across the nation. When an office party or holiday celebration is going to occur at the office or at another location, it is important that employers take certain steps to protect from lawsuits such as employment litigation stemming from alcohol consumption at a work party.

In order to avoid an employer liability claim, employers should consider these nine helpful ways to avoid employer liability at an office party, especially when over half of these celebrations or gatherings include alcohol consumption. And while offering alcoholic beverages at an office party is not uncommon, it is important to regulate drinking. This is often accomplished through drink tickets. This method is an effective way to keep employees from drinking too much.

Resolving contractor disputes and reporting to licensing

Some Louisiana resident may have to enter a contract with a contractor at some point in their life. Whether it is to build a house, do a remodel or complete a construction project, there is a possibility that a contractor dispute could arise. This could happen if there is a delay, the wrong material is used or some other material term is not timely met; however, sometimes these contract disputes cannot be resolved and the parties will enter construction litigation.

When trying to resolve a construction dispute, it is important to understand various ways to settle the dispute. One option is to contact state and local licensing authorities. Because most contractors are subject to licensing requirements, individuals can seek out regulating authorities for help. Such a step could help one save time, money and the hassle a complex litigation case could present.

What do the merger and acquisition trends look like?

Business executives have to make major decisions in their role within the company. A merger or acquisition is one of these decisions that business execs need to fully understand, weight the costs and benefits of this process. While M&A deals provide great and profitable opportunities for companies in Louisiana and other states in the nation, it is important to consider what the market looks like and when is a good time to sign an agreement.

What do the merger and acquisition trends look like in the next year? According to the Global Capital Confidence Barometer survey that was recently released, more than three-quarters of senior-level executives that were surveyed claimed they planned on actively pursuing an M&A deal over the next year.

Helping Louisiana corporations with mergers & acquisitions

In the business world, there are many important decisions to make regarding the longevity and financial health of the company. In some cases, this might mean making a major decision such as a merger or an acquisition. No matter what causes a business to enter this path, it is important to understand what it means to go through such a process and how to keep your best interests, as a business owner, in mind throughout its duration and well into the future.

With over 45 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Dunlap Fiore, LLC have the expertise and knowledge to help corporations in Louisiana through business endeavors such as a merger & acquisition. Many corporations that decide to go though a merger & acquisition do so because they are looking for a new solution that is both strategic and financially beneficial.

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